For Her 2.0 contains the same top secret base as our original For Her, which consists of Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder, Bentonite Clay and Natural Fragrance. This deodorant will leave you smelling good all day long without having to reapply time and time again. For Her 2.0 is a lightly floral, feminine scent of orange zest, dewy ivy, and fig leaf with a floral heart of honeysuckle, jasmine, and lily petals, anchored with a woody base of sandalwood and cedar.


100% Natural Fragrance Oil

For Her 2.0 Deodorant

  • Use & Info

    Our natural deodorant has no preservatives or funky stuff to give it the perfect texture for application. The trick to easy application is to put the deodorant up against your skin for just a few seconds and then you can easily apply. One or two quick swipes is all you need as a little goes a long way!


    All our deodorants are made with the same base. Why? Because we don't think that just because its "guys" deodorant it should work better or that you should have to pay more for "extra strength" womens deodorant.


    Note to Buyer: This is a deodorant NOT an anti-perspirant. it is good and natural for your body to sweat. I personally have noticed much less perspiration since switching to our deodorant almost a year and a half ago. Some people may take a few weeks to get used to natural deodorants and may be a bit "extra" stinky during those transition weeks. I've never had any complaints about any type of transition smell when switching to our deodorant. Baking soda may cause irritation in some individuals.

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